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Frequently Asked Dental Questions – Charleston, SC

Teaching and Educating Patients Every Day

If you’re feeling unsure about a specific dental treatment or you have general questions about dentistry and protecting your smile, our team is always happy to help! Below, we’ve answered a handful of the most common questions that our team hears for your convenience, so feel free to take a look at them ahead of your next appointment. Of course, you’re welcome to ask us a question directly over the phone or in-person if your question is not mentioned.

How often should I visit for a cleaning?

Most patients should come in once every six months for an exam and cleaning, but those who are currently treating advanced gum disease through periodontal therapy will need to come in more frequently, typically once every three to four months.

Do I need to replace missing teeth?

When teeth go missing, neighboring teeth can begin to shift out of place and make the bite uneven. Chewing and speaking can also prove to be more difficult when you are missing teeth. In this instance, we may recommend dental bridges or dental implants depending on your specific needs.

What if I’m unhappy with my smile?

Our dental office provides many cosmetic treatments to make your smile look exactly the way you want it to, whether it’s through simple, yet effective options like teeth whitening and dental bonding or more complex solutions like veneers or metal-free restorations. We make use of Emax and layered zirconia to restore teeth, ensuring the most natural-looking appearance possible.

Do I need braces to straighten teeth?

Not necessarily. In cases where your teeth are severely misaligned, you may need traditional braces to make them straight. However, mild to moderate levels of misalignment can be handled quite effectively with treatments like Invisalign and SureSmile, two options available right here in our dental office!

My jaw hurts. Can you help it?

If you’re experiencing jaw discomfort, especially after waking up, it’s possible that you may be putting stress on your jaw joints and may not even realize it. Our dental office can create a custom-made oral splint or perform Botox treatment, both of which seek to ease tension on the TMJ (or temporomandibular joint.)

Can a dentist help improve my sleep quality?

While many people assume that dentists only provide treatments for the teeth and gums, they can actually help improve your sleep quality as well if you currently struggle with obstructive sleep apnea.

Can I visit for an emergency appointment?

Not only is our dental office prepared to see patients for dental emergencies, but we’ll do everything possible to get you seen the same day the emergency occurs. We may not be able to promise same day treatment, depending on the time you need with the doctor, but we strive to accommodate everyone’s emergent needs based on the team required for treatment. We’ll also do our best to accommodate dental emergencies that occur after-hours and on the weekend.