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Creating a Dental Emergency Kit

December 21, 2022

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Dental emergency first aid kitAccidents around the home can happen without any warning. You probably have bandaids, gauze, and antiseptic on hand for scraped knees and other injuries, but do you have a dental first-aid kit ready? Dental emergencies are more common than you might think. 1 in 6 Americans has a dental emergency annually. Time is of the utmost importance, so it’s best to be prepared for the unexpected. Here are the most important things to include in your oral health emergency kit.

Making a Dental Emergency Kit

A friendly game of soccer, afternoon riding bikes, or enjoying a crunchy treat can lead to an oral health emergency. Whether it’s a chipped, broken, or knocked-out tooth, every minute matters. 

A well-stocked dental kit can provide the quick care you need at home to treat pain, stop bleeding, and manage other issues until you’re able to see a dentist. 

The best dental emergency kits include:

  • Cotton Swabs: Use as applicators or to clean areas in the mouth.
  • Cotton Balls or Gauze: Use to control any bleeding.
  • Alcohol Wipes: Use to clean and disinfect.
  • Dental Floss: Use to dislodge food or objects caught between teeth.
  • Dental Mirror: Allows you to view inside the mouth easily.
  • Gloves: Vinyl or latex gloves will be handy if you need to provide care to anyone other than yourself.
  • Dental Wax: Can be used to coat sharp edges, like from broken braces or a chipped tooth.
  • Temporary Dental Filling Material: Can be used as a temporary solution to protect a tooth where a filling was lost.
  • Petroleum Jelly: Applying it to a lost crown can allow you to place it back over the tooth to create a temporary seal.
  • Salt: A salt and water mixture can be used as an antibacterial mouthrinse. It can also manage pain and inflammation. Besides a mouthwash, you can create a saline solution to preserve a knocked-out tooth. 
  • Cold Compress: Applying a cold compress can reduce swelling and provide temporary pain relief. 

How to Prevent Dental Emergencies

You can’t always stop accidents from happening, but many can be avoided. You can lessen your family’s risk of dental emergencies through the power of prevention, like good oral hygiene habits, to keep cavities and gum disease at bay. Semi-annual cleanings and checkups ensure there aren’t any untreated dental problems lingering in your mouth. If you play sports, an athletic mouthguard will prevent injuries to the mouth and jaw. 

Even with the best prevention, dental emergencies can occur. Don’t panic! Address the situation at home using your dental kit and contact an emergency dentist right away.

About Dr. Christina Church

Dr. Church earned her dental degree at the Medical College of Georgia and has regularly continued her education in advanced services, like same-day dentistry, TMJ therapy, and cosmetic dentistry. She can treat the most complex oral health issues, including dental emergencies. If you need a dentist in a hurry, request an appointment through our website or call (843) 380-6688.